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Richard Haro Drafting and Planning Services Inc. was started by Richard Haro in 1977. We Incorporated our business in 1988. Richard Haro is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara and Studied Design and Drafting under apprenticeship with Dick Finnegan Inc. Richard Haro has the additional experience of having worked as a carpenter, and along side his father in construction for 20 years. The office began as a one room, one desk operation. However, because of a commitment to the best customer service, quality designs, and accurate plans to work from, we are now a 5 person office doing about 100 jobs per year. Click the link below to visit the company webpage.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Los Altos project

We have also started a second project in Los Altos. This job is an interior remodel of a three story house. Attached are some photos of the work currently going on there.

San Jose - Berryessa Project

We have also started, and are actually nearing completion on an addition in San Jose near Berryessa. We are adding a game room and master bedroom to this single story house, as well as relocating the bathroom and the kitchen. Below are the existing and proposed floor plans, plus some pics of the jobsite.

Los Altos Update Continued

Here are some interior shots of the house below.

The Los Altos Project Update

After a long intermission, we are finally back with a blog update. We have a couple projects that are on the home stretch so things are moving along rapidly. This update is for the Los Altos Project posted back in January, and already the images included are obsolete. Below shows the finished stucco and some interior shots with the sheetrock up. To date the exterior has been painted and the cabinets have been installed, but that will have to wait till the next post.