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Richard Haro Drafting and Planning Services Inc. was started by Richard Haro in 1977. We Incorporated our business in 1988. Richard Haro is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara and Studied Design and Drafting under apprenticeship with Dick Finnegan Inc. Richard Haro has the additional experience of having worked as a carpenter, and along side his father in construction for 20 years. The office began as a one room, one desk operation. However, because of a commitment to the best customer service, quality designs, and accurate plans to work from, we are now a 5 person office doing about 100 jobs per year. Click the link below to visit the company webpage.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiring The Competition

 I need to share a funny story with you. A few weeks ago we attended the San Jose Home Show as an exhibitor. During some downtime at the show, Richard decided to walk the aisles and take a look at the other exhibitors' booths. As he was passing one of the booths, a picture caught his eye. It was a home that he had designed himself, and was now hanging prominently in another design/build company's booth (who shall remain nameless). Upon closer inspection, they had not one, but two pictures of the homes he had designed. Seeing this, Richard was compelled to ask why his work was hanging in a competitors booth. Their answer, "We use them to inspire us." Wow, it is one thing to inspire your customers, but when your work is inspiring the competition, that is truly saying something! Richard simply smiled and walked away. I guess thirty years in the business of designing quality homes will provide inspiration in ways you never would have imagined.